Professional Instrument Microphones
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About Microvox Ltd.

We are a small company based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. The company was set up in 1987 with the brief to design and manufacture microphone systems for acoustic instruments.

After some considerable research and co-operation with professional musicians we have produced systems which produce true acoustic sound with the maximum user friendliness at a reasonable cost. Microvox microphones are used by many working musicians.

Assembling PSUs

Whilst transducer bugs and pickups provide amplification, the sound produced by them is rarely acceptable if a true acoustic sound is required. Transducers amplify the vibrations in the particular area of the instrument's body to which they are fastened whilst microphones amplify the vibrations in the air - the way that the ear does. Many artists find the sound of a transducer acceptable and some of the effects they produce are attractive but if an accurate acoustic sound is required, a microphone must be used.


Microvox microphones can be used on almost any instrument. If you think that miking your instrument may be a problem contact us and we can advise you.


All Microvox microphones are based on high quality or studio quality electret mic. capsules and are mounted on the instrument by means of self-adhesive hook and loop pads. This method of fastening eliminates the need to make permanent alterations to the instrument, insulates the microphone from mechanical noise, allows it to be easily transferred from one instrument to another and keeps it a constant distance from the instrument.


All our products are guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase and any faults, provided that they are not caused by misuse, will be rectified free of charge within that period.

Microvox Ltd., 31 Heys Road, HOLMFIRTH, W. Yorks, HD9 7SF, UK. Tel: (0)1484 684049

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